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Research for FSU Journals: Resources

This LibGuide was developed to assist our journal students in their research and resource location

Off-Campus Access

Off-Campus Access

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Perma... A Great New Tool!

Because websites change, go away, and are taken down.

How frustrating is it when you click on a link within an article, only to find that the link is broken?

"Perma"  is a service that allows users to create PERMANENT citation links!  Here's how it works:  After a paper is submitted to a journal, the journal staff tests the link, adds the "Perma" portion to the url, and the link is "vested", or permanently preserved. Then when readers click on the Permalink, they are taken to a page that links them to the original web source, along with the archived version stored by

Citation Resources

Bieber's Dictionary of Legal Abbrievations

Bieber's DictionaryThis is a comprehensive dictionary to legal acronyms and is helpful when dealing with unfamiliar resources.


E-Journals and Databases


On the Rearch Resources page (see image), there is a link to find any e-journal in the entire campus library system. The journals are searchable by subject, title, or ISSN. Prefer HeinOnline if it is one of your choices. 


On the Research Resources page (see image), you can search law specific dtabases or look for interdisciplinary reesarch databases by title or subject.

HeinOnline is your primary source for full-text law journals in PDF format. For non-law journals, JSTOR is the first source to check for PDF images of journals.


HeinOnline is one of the best resources to find journal articles because it provides PDFs of law review articles (available under the Law Journal Library). Always be sure to look at HeinOnline before requesting UBorrow or ILL materials.

Not only does Hein have many of the secondary sources you are searching for, but it also provides many federal and state primary sources as well. Just make sure to look at their various libraries.


The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is a great place to check for recent articles as it is an inter-disciplinary database for articles and working papers. The materials is uploaded by academics so remember that the information provided may not be the final version of the paper.

Google Scholar

Google Books


WorldCat is the combined catalog of public, academic, private and government libraries from around the world. It contains records for almost any resource available.




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