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Internet Security and Personal Security Risks: Mobile Security

This research guide covers Internet security topics, including: eDiscovery, cyberspace, cloud computing and more. #internetsecurity #phishing

Find my ...

These apps help you
find a lost mobile device.

Mobile Antivirus

Mobile units are vulnerable to security breaches too.  Don't forget to protect your smartphone. 

Here's a review of mobile security for Android devices:
Tom's Guide

Where's My Droid
    Most of us have had the experience of misplacing our phone.  Using the program 'Where's My Droid' I was able to login into my computer and identify almost exactly the location of my phone.  In this case it wasn't actually lost but if it had been left at a restaurant or some other place, this would have been helpful.   From a web browser you can instruct the phone to 'ring' even when it's on silent or have the camera flash go off.  Also most phone finding apps allow for the remote wiping of content.     

Password Managers

Password managers allow you to save all your passwords to one location and then launch your programs from there. 

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