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Law Practice, Management, and Technology: Law Practice - Mac and Cloud Based Software and Apps

This research guide identifies both online and print resources focusing on the technologies used by small law firm and solo practice attorneys. It also covers business and marketing practices.


As the practice of law moves into the cloud many products have emerged that help attorneys especially in small or solo practices to run their offices. The software products below, many cloud based, help with time and billing, case management, document management and much more.

Law Practice and Management Software

Integrated Law Office Management Software

These products integrate all essential law firm management functions into one product. 

Web Based Law Office Management

Cloud based law office management makes virtual law office management easy, plus Clio is free to law students!  Mouseover each product for more information.

Clio Free for Law Students

Ebooks - Technology and Lawyering

Rocket Matter has some great eBooks on leveraging new technologies to increase the efficiency of a law office.

Heroic Lawyering

On-Premise vs. Cloud Legal Software

Cloud Planet - A Lawyer's Guide to Evernote.     Cloud Planet - The Mobile Lawyer


Trial Presentation and Transcript Display

Time and Billing

Track time and expenses, create invoices, manage clients and projects with these time tracking and billing software packages.  Mouseover each title to get more information.  

Web Based Time and Billing

These web based products will keep track of time and provide access to billing services too. 

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