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Research Canons

Books and articles that are essential to a new academic in various areas of legal inquiry as suggested by contributors to PrawfsBlawg.

Criminal Procedure Books

  1. Akhil Amar, The Constitution and Criminal Procedure (1998) (suggested by Sophia) 
  2. ​Malcolm M. Feeley, The Process is the Punishment (1979) (suggested by Josh Bowers) 
  3. Marvin Frankel, Criminal Sentences: Law Without Order (1973) (biggies on federal sentencing; suggested by Dan Markel). 
  4. Milton Heumann, Plea Bargaining (1981)(suggested by Josh Bowers) 
  5.  John H. Langbein, The Origins of the Adversary Criminal Trial (2003) (suggested by Rick Garnett).
  6. Kate Stith & Jose A. Cabranes, Fear of Judging: Sentencing Guidelines in the Federal Courts (1998) (biggies on federal sentencing; suggested by Dan Markel).  

Criminal Procedure Articles

  1. 101 Yale L. J. __ (1992) (the symposium on plea-bargaining in the YLJ back in the 1990's (Stuntz and Scott, Easterbrook, and others;suggested by Dan Markel). 
  2. Anthony G. Amsterdam, Perspectives on the Fourth Amendment, 58 Minn. L. Rev. 349 (1974) (suggested by Roger Goldman and John Q. Barrett) 
  3. Stephen B. Bright, Counsel for the Poor: The Death Sentence Not for the Worst Crime But for the Worst Lawyer, 103 Yale L. J. 1835 (1994) (death penalty lawyer inequalities; suggested by Dan Markel).  
  4. David A. Harris, Factors for Reasonable Suspicion: When Black and Poor Means Stopped and Frisked, 69 Ind. L.J. 659 (1993) (suggested by Roger Goldman) 
  5. Tracey Maclin. The Complexity of the Fourth Amendment: A Historical Review, 77 Boston Uni. L. Rev. 925 (1997) (suggested by DP).
  6. Ronald Miller & Marc Wright, The Screening/Bargaining Tradeoff, 55 Stan. L. Rev. 29 (2002) (suggested by Dan Markel). 
  7. Herbert L. Packer, Two Models of the Criminal Process, 113 Univ. Penn. L. Rev. 1 (1964) (suggested by Rick Garnett). 
  8. Carol S. Steiker & Jordan M. Steiker, Sober Second Thoughts on the Death Penalty: Reflections on Two Decades of Constituional Regulation of Capital Punishment,  109 Harv. L. Rev. 355 (1995) (suggested by Dan Markel). 
  9. Carol Steiker, Punishment and Procedure: Punishment Theory and the Criminal-Civil Divide, 85 Geo. L. J. 775 (1997)(suggested by Rick Garnett)
  10. William J. Stuntz, The Uneasy Relationship Between Criminal Procedure and Criminal Justice,  107 Yale L. J. 1 (1997) (suggested by Rick Garnett)
  11. William J. Stuntz, The Substantive Origins of Criminal Procedure, 105 Yale L. J. 393 (1995) (suggested by Rick Garnett).