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Research Canons

Books and articles that are essential to a new academic in various areas of legal inquiry as suggested by contributors to PrawfsBlawg.

Law and Literature Articles

  1. Kenji Yoshino, The City and the Poet, 114 Yale L. J. (2005) (suggested by M).

Law and Literature Books

  1. Guyora Binder & Robert Weisberg, Literary Criticism of the Law (2000) (The Weisberg/Binder book is "Literary Criticisms of Law" and is about the application of literary hermeneutic techniques to the law.; suggested by Jeff Lipshaw and Dan Markel). 
  2. Peter Brooks, Troubling Confessions (2000) (suggested by Frank Pasquale).
  3. Richard Posner, Law and Literature: A misunderstood Relation (1988) (As to their canonical status, I cannot say. I did enjoy reading the Posner one years ago--it has the virtue of clarity. If I'm not mistaken, Posner was actually an English major at Yale when he was an undergrad; suggested by Dan Markel). 
  4. James Boyd White, The Legal Imagination: Studies in the Nature of Legal Thought and Expression (1973) (suggested by Frank Pasquale).
  5. James Boyd White, Heracles' Bow: Essays On The Rhetoric & Poetics Of The Law (1989) (suggested by Frank Pasquale).

Bibliography & Websites

  1. Daniel Solove's Law & Literature syllabus, available here: (available as PDF doc.; suggested by Patrick S. O'Donnell).
  2. Daniel Solove's website for the Law & Humanities Institute: (includes subpages on General Resources (websites, syllabi, etc.), List of Literary Works About the Law, Chronological Bibliography of Works About Law & Literature (1982-present) and a Bibliography of Law & Literature Scholarship About Particular Writers; suggested by Daniel Solove).