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Legislative Drafting: Home

Research tools and resources for drafting legislation

Drafting legislation, like any other form of legal writing, comes with its own set of standards and conventions often learned partly from instruction and partly from experience. Often a legislature--and sometimes individual chambers within the legislature--will develop its own guidelines for drafting based on traditions within the chamber. This page is dedicated to the drafting resources available in the State of Florida and from model law commissions.

Finding Legislation in Florida

For an overview of researching legislation in Florida, see our Florida Legislation Guide.

Bill Drafting Manuals

There are several national organizations dedicated to comparing legislation across to states, either to suggest changes or enact more uniform language across the U.S. They often issue drafting manuals or recommend entire pieces of uniform or "model" legislation on specific issues. Rather than beginning from scratch, many legislators use the language proposed by these organizations to begin their work.

Official Florida Drafting Manuals

Guides to Bill Drafting


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