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Factual Research: People

Finding Lawyers

Finding People

First check an online or physical phone book.  Also search the internet for social media sites such as Facebook or Linkedin, newspaper articles (birth, death, marriage announcements), or professional association websites.  You may have to consult a fee-based service for finding an individual.

Finding Experts

Similar to the need to determine the credibility of websites, there is also a need to evaluate the qualifications of potential expert witnesses. Review their publications and prior trial testimony to make an informed decision about their knowledge, reputation and credibility within their field of expertise. Consult local attorneys for suggested experts, local bar publications, or nationwide directories to start your search for an expert. also provides a helpful overview and links to resources for finding and choosing experts to testify in your cases.


Jury Verdict Reporters

One way to evaluate experts is to consult a jury verdict reporter which includes indexes and listings of experts who testified in cases along with the outcome of the case. 

Westlaw Databases:

  • JV-ALL - Combined Verdicts & Settlements
  • LRP-JV - Jury Verdict & Settlement Summaries
  • JV-NAT - Jury Verdicts - National 

Lexis Databases:

Printed copies of are also available in the law library which include expert indexes organized by area of expertise. 

    Locating Military Personnel

    Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC or DMDC.osd)

    Google Search

    For a more precise search, try an advanced search of google groups using the individual's name in the author field.

    Google Web Search

    Finding Inmates

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