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Research Center Workshops: Fall 2023 Workshops

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The following research guides contain helpful resources including databases, websites, and print materials related to Florida legal research. For a complete list of all research guides, click here

Fall 2023 Workshop Schedule

Available week of Sept. 11  SECONDARY SOURCES


Available Monday, Sept. 11 @ 8am.
Quiz due Sept. 18 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Florida Research and Specialized Research certificates.

Secondary sources are an excellent place to start any legal research project because they increase your efficiency in locating important primary authorities. This workshop is an introduction to locating and using vital secondary authorities like legal encyclopedias, practice guides, and restatements in your federal and Florida legal research. 

Available week of Sept. 18  PDFS FOR LAWYERS

Instructor DYLAN DUNN

Available Monday, Sept. 18 @ 8am.
Quiz due Sept. 25 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Practice Ready Research certificate. 

PDFs are the ubiquitous go-to standard for electronic document sharing, but how much do you know about what you can do with them? From editing to encryption to character recognition to format conversion, this workshop will show you many PDF tools and tricks that will come in handy for law school, internships, and your future legal career. 

Available week of Sept. 25   MUNICIPAL LAWS


Available Monday, Sept. 25 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Oct. 2 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Florida Research and the Specialized Research certificates.

You might know that municipal laws govern a lot of everyday things like pets, parking, and curfews. But did you know that they often aren’t available on Westlaw or Lexis? Discover where you can research these city and county ordinances for free! 

Available week of Oct. 2   KEEPING UP WITH LEGAL NEWS


Available Monday, Oct. 2 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Oct. 9 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Practice Ready Research certificate.

The law is constantly changing, so practitioners and legal academics must stay current on cases, legislation, and other legal developments relevant to their area of research or practice. This workshop will identify specialized resources for keeping up with the hottest issues and new developments in your area of interest.

Available week of Oct. 9   FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE HISTORY


Available Monday, Oct. 9 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Oct. 16 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Practice Ready Research and Specialized Research certificates.    

Learn about the federal legislative documents often used by attorneys and courts in determining intent or clarifying vague statutory language. This session will explore various tools for locating compiled histories and specific documents.



Available Monday, Oct. 16 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Oct. 23 @ 8am. 
Earns credit for the Advanced Searching Techniques and Practice-Ready certificates. 

This workshop will provide a brief introduction to legal research resources focused on land and wildlife conservation. We all want to save the planet and these are a few sources to consider when tackling that task. As Sir David Attenborough says, “the natural world is changing…. It is the most precious thing we have and we need to defend it.”

Available week of Oct. 23    RESEARCHING FLORIDA COMPANIES

Instructor AMY LIPFORD

Available Monday, Oct. 23 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Oct. 30 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Florida Research and Practice Ready Research certificates. 

Need to perform Florida company research or learn about free and paid resources? Want to excel at your summer job? Then this workshop is for you! Learn about important skills for researching businesses in Florida. Hot topics will include: public/private company research, respected business treatises, and popular databases.

Available week of Oct. 30   BLUEBOOKING

Instructor KAT KLEPFER

Available Monday, Oct. 30 @ 8am.
Quiz due by Nov. 6 @ 8am.
Earns credit for the Practice Ready Research and Specialized Research certificates. 

This primer will help you make sense out of the basic organization and rules found in The Bluebook. Don’t miss out how you can easily locate and apply them for your legal writing needs. 

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