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Locating Forms: Federal Forms

Federal Legal Forms in Print (and Online) at the Research Center


Special Tools for Tax & Business Forms at the Research Center!

Easy-to-use databases purchased for FSU Law students that include forms & use instructions for a vast array of business & tax needs (these will need individual user names & passwords):

Westlaw, Forms & Agreements


Westlaw has a wide selection of form databases!  To access these:

  • Logon to Westlaw
  • Select "Directory" at top of page
  • Select "Forms"

LexisNexis, Forms & Agreements

LexisNexis has a great number of forms available! To access these:

  • Logon to Lexis
  • At "Search" tab select "Source"
  • Select "Legal"
  • Select "Secondary legal"
  • Select "Forms & Agreements"


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