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How to Find: United States Supreme Court Cases: Print Sources



The text of a case can be found in a reporter, a volume of reported court decisions. 

There are three reporters for the United States Supreme Court:

Title Abbreviation Key
United States Reports U.S
Supreme Court Reporter S. Ct.
United States Supreme Court Reports L.E. and L.E. 2d


Finding Cases Using Citations

You need a citation (the volume and page number of the reporter in which the case is published in order to find a case in a reporter (e.g. 309 U.S. 634).  Legal Citations are almost always in the following format:

Volume Reporter Abbreviation Page Number
309 U.S. 634
84 L. Ed. 991
60 S. Ct. 724


Using Digests to find Citations with Party Names

When all you have is the name of a party to a Supreme Court case, whether plaintiff or defendant, and need to find the citation look in:

Secondary Sources

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