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Gaming Law: Gaming in Florida

What is "gaming" in Florida?

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 'Gambling' or 'gaming' are agreements to risk something of value on a contest of chance one must be the loser and the other the gainer. 

"Anything which induces people to risk their money or property without any other hope of return than to get for nothing any given amount from another is gabling, no matter by what name it is called." Bellamy v. State, 347 So. 2d 419 (Fla. 1977).

Florida Gaming History (1924-2009)

Content: Tampa Tribune Times

A timeline of gambling in Florida

1924 Aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss and James Bright establish Hialeah and open Hialeah Park, determined to dedicate the town to horse racing and jai alai, even though they are not legal in Florida. 1926 Church groups prevail and shut down Hialeah's illegal racing, some attributing the destructive hurricane of that year to God's retribution on the gambling scene.

Current Awareness

Florida Gaming Associations

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