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International Responses to Syrian Conflict, Military Intervention, and Chemical Weapons: Think-Tanks & NGOs

The resources gathered here are focused on the current Syrian conflict and the international responses to military intervention.

Security and International Affairs Think Tanks

"Think tanks" are policy institutes dedicated to the research, analysis, and/or advocacy of certain topics, generally in the fields of economics, politics, international affairs, technology, or culture. Listed below are a series of think tanks from different countries, focusing on the Crisis in Syria. 

Country: United States
Country: United States
Country: United Kingdom
Counrty: Netherland
Countries: Germany, UK, Spain, France, Poland and Bulgaria
Country: Germany
Country: United Kingdom
Country: India
Country: United States
Country: Belguim

Human Rights & Humanitarian NGOs

Global Policy Forum
Website: Syria
Human Rights First
Website: Syria
Human Rights Watch
Website:  Focus on Syria
Damascus Center for Human Rights
Website: News
Syria Observatory for Human Rights
Syrian Network for Human Rights
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