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Animal Law: Research Resources

Treatises on Animal Law


Comprehensive research starts here!  Broad scope and analysis of your topic, abundant citations to primary sources, and commentary and practice tips from experts in the field!

  • Animals and the Law: A Sourcebook (Curnutt, 2001)
    Research Center, 3rd floor: KF390.A5 C87 2001
  • Animal Law: Welfare, Interests, and Rights (Favre, 2008)
    Research Center, 3rd floor: KF390.5.A5 F38 2008

Databases For Animal Law Research

  • GreenFile
    Focuses on influence of man on the environment; non-law articles on wildlife, animal rights & animal welfare.
  • Environmental Science and Pollution Management
    Non-law, but much information on environmental effects on wildlife.
  • Lexis Advance
    (password required)
    Includes some cases, law reviews; No subject tab, so use "Environmental Law"
  • WestlawNext
    (password required)
    Includes cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources, trial court documents, law journals, jury verdicts and more; search for "Animal Law," no subject tab as yet.

Animal Law & Welfare Blogs

  • Advocacy For Animals
    Supporting world-wide efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals, develop scientific understanding of their nature, and protect the natural environment.
  • Ag & Food Law Blog - Animal Law
    Section of a larger blog from the National Agricultural Law Association dealing with animal law issues; also a section on animal welfare.
  • All Animals Matter
    Animal welfare blog browseable by topic, including animal cruelty, testing, circus, farm animals, puppy mills, seal hunt, dog fur, reptiles, and more.
  • Animal Blawg
    Focuses on animal law, ethics and policy, providing a forum for debate and the exchange of ideas; maintained by David N. Cassuto, Pace Law School.
  • Animal Ethics
    Philosophical discussion of the moral status of nonhuman animals.
  • Animal Law Blog
    An attorney's observations and analysis of animal law news and legislation, criminal cases, and links to other animal resources.
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund Blog
    The ALDF has been fighting for over 30 years to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system; blog posts highlight the groups advocacy efforts in filing lawsuits, legal assistance, strengthening anti-cruelty legislation.
  • Animal Rights and AntiOppression
    Independent animal advocates writing about society's interactions with our fellow animals.
  • Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach
    Focuses on veganism as the moral baseline of animal activism and the means to the end of the exploitation of animals; by Rutgers University School of Law Professor and author Gary L. Francione.
  • Animal Wire
    Blog of the International Fund For Animal Welfare.
  • Animals & Politics
    By Michael Markarian and published by the Humane Society Legislative Fund, this blog highlights legislation for animals; sections for research animals, farm animals, wildlife, equines, and pets.
  • Animals Attorney Blog
    Animal Rights and Endangered Species Law, pursuing justice for all.
  • ASPCA Blog
    Official blog of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  • Best Friends
    Topics on the welfare of companion animals, from the Best Friends Animal Society.
  • Center for Animal Law Studies Blog
    News and features from Lewis & Clark Law School.
  • Chimp Trainer's Daughter
    Problems and practical solutions for captive apes in the United States; Discussion about the compassionate care and respect due to America's chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans.
  • Companion Animal Law Blog
    By Heidi Meinzer, an attorney who represents dog owners facing dangerous dog proceedings, pet care companies, aids in the prosecution of animal hoarding & neglect, and advises rescue organizations.
  • Critical Animal
    James K. Stanescu writes about his academic interests in critical animal studies, environmental philosophy. and ethical theory.
  • Endangered Species Law and Policy
    Nationally recognized Nossaman law firm attorneys blog about natural resources conflicts between federal and state agencies and the environmental community.
  • Equine Law Blog
    Dedicated to educating the horse industry about laws, legal developments, and "fine points" of the law; by Julie Fershtman, a leading attorney in equine law.
  • Humane Thinking
    Official blog of the Humane Research Council; comprehensive resource for public opinion and behavior research about animal protection issues.
  • Kindred Animality
    Addresses the nature of the human and nonhuman animal condition through animal behavior, learning & philosophy. Includes animal advocacy and rescue.
  • Lib Now!
    International blog published by the Institute for Critical Animal Studies; information on conferences, new publications.
  • Nathan J. Winograd
    Focuses on advocacy for no-kill animal shelters, by attorney, author & animal activist Nathan Winograd.
  • Other Nations
    Blog concerning animal rights "with compassion and justice for all."
  • Our Hen House
    Compiles suggestions for animal activism, featuring multimedia resources that can be used to change the world for animals.
  • Ribbons and Red Tape
    A blog for the equestrian community: horses, the law, and you.
  • Trust Your Pet
    Attorney Ken Begun discusses estate planning, insurance, and trust funds for pets.

Animal Law Journals

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