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Securities: Statutes & Cases

This guide is designed to help find federal and state securities laws information.

Federal Statutes

Federal statutes are found in a variety of digital and print sources. The official version is the print United States Code, printed every six years. There are also two unofficial print versions, United States Code Service (Lexis) and United States Code Annotated (West). All three print resources are found on the second floor. 

 U.S. Code KF62 2012

 U.S.C.A. KF62 W4

 U.S.C.S. KF62 1976 L.38

Below are links to the electronic versions of the U.S. Code. Some databases are restricted to current faculty and students. 

What are Blue Sky Laws?

Blue sky laws are state securities laws. The term originate from the Supreme Court case of Hall v. Geiger-Jones, 242 U.S. 539 (1917).  In the opinion, the court refers to the prevention of "speculative schemes which have no more basis than so many feet of blue sky." Every state can have different regulations and it is important to refer both to federal securities laws as well any applicable blue sky laws. 


Case law can be found in a variety of subscription and free sources. 

US Code, USCA and USCS comparison

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