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Clean Air Act: Organizations

This guide supports Dr. Preston McLane's class on the Clean Air Act.


There are many organizations that lobby EPA and state environmental agencies regarding air issues.  Many issue reports, or comment on pending rules. 

National Association of State Energy Officials

From the NASEO website:

NASEO is the only national non-profit association for the governor-designated energy officials from each of the 56 states and territories. Formed by the states in 1986, NASEO facilitates peer learning among state energy officials, serves as a resource for and about state energy offices, and advocates the interests of the state energy offices to Congress and federal agencies.

For example, 

  • NASEO has a State 111(d) Resource Hub to provide information for state energy offices on EPA's Clean Power Plan.  
  • Inside EPA obtained a copy of a list of questions submitted by NASEO to EPA during a November 10, 2014, conference call with EPA.  Source:  "States Seek New EPA Guides On ESPS Implementation But Doubt Prospects," Inside EPA (Nov. 14, 2014).

Ozone Transport Commission

From the OTC website:

The Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) is a multi-state organization created under the Clean Air Act. We are responsible for advising EPA on transport issues and for developing and implementing regional solutions to the ground-level ozone problem in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.  OTC brings together the states from Virginia to Maine to coordinate reductions in air pollution that benefit the whole region. We provide air pollution assessment, technical support and a forum through which states can work together to harmonize their pollution reduction strategies. OTC members include: Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia.

National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

National Association of Clean Air Agencies

Environmental Council of the States

From the ECOS website:

The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) is the national non-profit, non-partisan association of state and territorial environmental agency leaders. ECOS was established in December 1993 at a meeting of approximately 20 states in Phoenix, Arizona and is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. The purpose of ECOS is to improve the capability of state environmental agencies and their leaders to protect and improve human health and the environment of the United States of America.

Air Committee materials are here.

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