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Clean Air Act: Topics

This guide supports Dr. Preston McLane's class on the Clean Air Act.


  • Regulation of emissions caused by natural gas production under the CAA
  • EPA's Clean Power Plan and potential impacts on global climate change
  • The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule
  • The Clean Port Initiative and the CAA

E-mail Mary McCormick ( to have your topic added. provides agency dockets and documents for federal agencies engaged in rulemaking.  Use to find proposed and final rules, public comments, notices, and supplementary materials.

History: In October 2002, the eRulemaking Program was established as a cross-agency E-Gov initiative under Section 206 of the 2002 E-Government Act (H.R. 2458/S. 803).  The Program is based within the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which is the managing partner of the Program. The eRulemaking Management Office (PMO) leads the eRulemaking Program and is responsible for the development and implementation of the public facing website, The PMO is governed by dozens of Federal organizations participating in a tiered governance structure and oversees the system development, maintenance, and collaboration of agency partners. An Executive Committee is composed of a Chief Information Officers (CIO), Regulatory Policy Officers, and/or Deputy Secretaries from 39 Federal Departments and Agency partners. The program’s Advisory Board is made up of senior representatives from partner agencies. Additionally, various workgroups extend the program’s technical and business process expertise in a range of areas, e.g., usability, budget, and legal issues.


The Environmental Protection Agency has more than one website.  In addition to, and can also have useful material.  One technique for searching EPA is to use Google:

site:* and "hydraulic fracturing" will search any of the EPA websites.  

Google allows the proximity operator AROUND.  Insert larger or smaller numbers in parentheses to get more or fewer results:

site:* and "hydraulic fracturing" AROUND(10) methane AROUND(10) wells


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