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Citation and Research Tools: For Academic Writing

Guide to legal citation and research gathering tools online.

Resources for Journal Citation

Books to Help You Write Your Paper

Non-Bluebook Citation Tools

Are you writing for a non-legal journal or publication? There are plenty of resources to cite in MLA, APA, and Chicago style available online.

Citation in Academic Writing

Writing an article for a legal journal requires an understanding of the "white pages" of the Bluebook to create proper footnotes. If you are seeking publication for your article, clear and well-Bluebooked citations will sway editors in your favor. The more organized you are, the less work it will take when writing and editing your piece. Keeping track of your resources and being able to provide a publisher with a complete list of cited references (or the resources themselves) will save you (and your future editor) time when they check your citations.

Academic Citations Automatically from Westlaw

WestlawNext has an option to output citations from copied text in Law Review Format:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Preferences" from the bottom left.

  • Click on the tab marked "Citations" and under Citation Style, choose "Law Reviews" and click save. You can also choose whether to Italicize or Underline your titles.

Citeus Legalus

There are few web-based citation generators out there, and Citeus Legalus may be the most versatile of the bunch.

The website design is pretty straightforward, just pick the type of resource you are citing to and either use the search function or select "Manual Entry." Under teh Manual Entry function you can pull up a form that asks for the relevant information. Make sure to check each tab to be sure you've filled out everything you need to supply. Then click submit to generate your citation!

Here's an example of the citation Citeus Legalus puts out:

Note that all the information you include will be put into the citation, so mouse over the ? to get further guidance on whether a piece of information is necessary. When you copy and paste this citation into MS Word, the font and font size are unlikely to match your standard fonts. Be sure to double check the cite against Bluebook and confirm formatting has copied correctly, especially italics and small caps.

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