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Constitutional Law: Journals

This guide is designed to be used by students engaged in researching federal constitutional law issues.


Most journals and law reviews are available on Westlaw, Lexis, and HeinOnline.  Journals are generally available on Westlaw and Lexis only from the early 1980s.  HeinOnline generally begins its coverage with v. 1. The links below are to the website of the journal (or to a commercial vendor if the journal is not available on Westlaw, Lexis, or HeinOnline).  The date listed  is the year publication began.

JSTOR contains full coverage (from v. 1) of law journals and academic journals in law-related areas. Search JSTOR to broaden your search for academic writing both by topic and date.  

SSRN contains scholarly articles that are posted before publication.  Although many articles available on SSRN have now been published, it is a great source of not-yet-published writing.

Constitutional Law Journals and Law Reviews

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