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Constitutional Law: Reference Sources

This guide is designed to be used by students engaged in researching federal constitutional law issues.


This tab includes encyclopedias and other reference materials, as well as Library of Congress subject headings through which you can find other materials.  Hyperlinks indicate that access is via an e-book. In some instances, the Research Center provides access via print and e-book.

Reference sources

Library of Congress Subject Headings


Use Library of Congress Subject Headings to search for books on a subject in the online catalog:

  • Constitutional Law:

Constitutional Law--United States   

Constitutional Law--United States--Interpretation and Construction

Constitutional Law--United States--Interpretation and Construction--History

Constitutional history--United States--Sources

Constitutions--United States   

United States. Constitution

United States--Constitutional law

  • Bill of Rights:

Bill of Rights (United States Constitution)

Constitutional amendments--1st-10th--United States

Constitutional Law--United States--Amendments--1st-10th

United States--Constitutional Law--Amendments--1st-10th

  • Individual Amendments:

Constitutional Law--United States--Amendments

Constitutional Law--United States--Amendments--(number of amendment)

  • Ex: Constitutional Law--United States--Amendments--1st

Constitutional Amendments--(number of amendment)--United States

  • Ex:  Constitutional Amendments--2nd--United States

Constitutional Law--United States--Amendments--Ratification

United States. Constitution. (amendment name and number)

  • Ex: United States. Constitution. 4th Amendment

United States--Constitutional Law--Amendments--(number of amendment)

  • United States--Constitutional Law--Amendments--5th

United States. Constitution - 1st-10th Amendments

United States. Constitution - 1st-10th Amendments--History

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