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Health Reform: Journals

This guide is designed to assist students in Prof. Marshall Kapp's Health Reform Seminar (Fall 2016)

Off-campus Access

If you are off-campus, remember to sign in from the Research Center home page or use the Find a Database page for off-campus access to databases and journals. Most databases are set up to allow proxy access, but sometimes the link breaks.  If you find that you can't access a database from the Find a Database page, go back and sign in from the Research Center home page.

Searching Multiple Journals

1. You can search multiple journals using the databases maintained by commercial journal vendors whose products are licensed by Florida State University.

2. You can also search for journal articles, books, and other materials using OneSearch from the Research Center's home page or here:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great place to start a search or use as a citator.  To make it easy to link to articles you find to which you have access through FSU:

  1. On the Research Center home page, click on Off-Campus Access to Research Databases and use your FSU ID and password to log in.
  2. at Google Scholar, click on settings.
  3. Click on Library Links.
  4. Type in: Florida State University.

Top 10 Health Policy and Services Journals

Searching for Very Current Articles

Before articles appear in a journal, they will frequently be posted to SSRN, the Social Science Research Network.  Check here for the most recent scholarly thinking.

Law Journals

These journals will be available on Westlaw, Lexis and HeinOnline.  HeinOnline has .pdfs, which are better suited for citation purposes and usually are available beginning with vol. 1.  Westlaw and Lexis coverage usually begins in the early 1980s (or at vol. 1 if publication began later).  On Westlaw, healthlaw journals are collected in the HTH-TP file (type into search window and click on Health Law Secondary Sources. On Lexis, browse sources by Practice Area (Healthcare Law), then narrow (Secondary Materials, Law Reviews and Journals).

  • American Journal of Law and Medicine (1975 - )
  • Annals of Health Law (1992 - )
  • DePaul Journal of Health Care Law (1996 - )
  • Health Law Journal (1993 - )
  • Health Lawyer (1982 - )
  • Health Matrix (1991 - )
  • Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy (2001 - )
  • Indiana Health Law Review (2004 - )
  • Journal of Contemporary Health Law and Policy (1985 - )
  • Journal of Health & Biomedical Law (2004 - )
  • Journal of Health Care Law and Policy (1998 - )
  • Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (1976 - )
  • Journal of Law and Health (1985 - )
  • Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (1993 - ) 
  • Journal of Medicine and Law (1997 - )
  • Pittsburgh Journal of Environmental and Public Health Law (2007 - )
  • Saint Louis University Journal of Health Law and Policy (2007 - )
  • Quinnipiac Health Law Journal (1996 - )
  • Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics (2001 - )
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