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International Responses to Syrian Conflict, Military Intervention, and Chemical Weapons: General Background

The resources gathered here are focused on the current Syrian conflict and the international responses to military intervention.

Research Guide Information

2013 International Responses to the Use of Force in Syria

The Florida State University Law Research Center has compiled resources specifically related to the recent international response to the use of force in Syria by the United States and subsequent agreement between Russia and the United States. Materials gathered here include international legal texts, documents, reports, interviews, video broadcasts (in English), and relevant news items. The research guide is a work-in-progress as events are still unfolding. 

Arab Spring Background

Use of Military Force

09/01/2013 - A Quick Primer on AUMF's  Written by Jack Goldsmith, Professor at Harvard University, where he teaches and writes about national security law, presidential power, international law, foreign relations law, at Harvard Law School.

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