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Research for FSU Journals: Interlibrary Loan

This LibGuide was developed to assist our journal students in their research and resource location

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

ILL is the last step you take if you can't find the book or article you are searching for!

Just follow these steps on how to make a request and you will have that resource before you know it!

If you need help with the catalog, Hein, UBorrow, or decoding the citations your author has given you, contact Jon Lutz.

What to do

Take the following steps to help your request go smoothly!

  1. Plan ahead. It can take 2 weeks for items to arrive from other libraries.
  2. Check the catalog, HeinOnline, and other resources before compiling a list of ILL requests.
  3. Submit your spreadsheet (see examples) to Jon Lutz 
  4. You will recive an email each time an item is recieved. Pick up your requests at the Circulation Desk in the Research Center.
  5. Respect the due dates of returnable items. Some lending libraries may grant an extension, contact Jon Lutz before they are due. 
  6. Return items to the Research Center but inform the attendant to put them on Jon's desk.

Request Examples

When making an ILL request, you must make sure the request is readable and contains the footnote number!

Below are the ideal way to format your request. Remember, the more information you provide us with, the faster we are able to find what you need! As you can see, formating requests don't have a particular format but it a chart is optimal because its the easiest to understand.

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