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Florida Legal Research Overview: Florida Statutes

Research Center Digital Projects

FSU Digital Projects

  • PDFs of Florida statutes from 1941 through 1996
  • Browse the relevant year to find the statute

Florida Statutes in print

What's a supplement?

If you are using printed Florida Statutes between the years 1949-1999:

Prior to 1999 the Florida Statutes were only published in odd-numbered years and a supplement was printed in even years.  The supplement contains ONLY laws that were changed in an even numbered year. If no changes were made to the law in an even-numbered year, you need to check the prior year's statue for the law.  

For example if you look for a law in 1982's supplement and it is not there, go back to the 1981 Florida Statutes to find the law.  

Florida Statutes online

Florida Statute Search Strategies

  • Use the index 
  • Use the table of contents
  • Skim relevant sections 
  • Boolean searching (AND, OR, NOT, /s) 
  • Annotated versions of the statutes contain references to cases and secondary sources 
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