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Legal Treatises by Subject: Home

This guide Is an index to treatises or books on legal topics arranged by subject

Abortion Law

Administrative Law

Admiralty and Maritime Law

Agency, Partnership, and Limited Liability Corporations

Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation

American Law and Jurisprudence

Antitrust Law


Behavioral Law and Economics


Business Law

Civil Procedure (Florida)

Civil Procedure (Federal)

Constitutional Law


Corporations (for profit)

Corporations (nonprofit)

Criminal Law and Procedure


Drug Law and Policy

Fourth Amendment - Search and Seizure

Economics and Law

Education Law

Entertainment Law

Environmental Law

Evidence - Federal

Evidence - Florida

Family Law

First Amendment


Gender and Law

Gender and Law

Immigration Law

Indigenous Peoples

Insurance Law

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property - Copyright

Intellectual Property - Patents

Intellectual Property - Trademarks

Intellectual Property - Trade Secrets

International Law

Internet Law