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Study Aids: LexisNexis

This guide will provide information on the different study aids available to FSU law school students.

1L Resources

Lexis's 1L Resource Center provides links to videos and outlines that are meant to help you in your first year of law school. Some things on the page are:

  • Case Brief Bank
  • Barbri Outline
  • 1L Doctrinal Pages
  • Do's and Don't of Brief Writing

Introduction to Lexis+

2L/3L Resources

Like the 1L Resource Center, Lexis's 2L/3L Resource Center provides links to videos, outlines, and articles to help you in upper-level courses and when applying for jobs. Some things on the page include:

  • TA & RA Resources
  • 2L - 3L Doctrinal Pages
  • Barbri Outlines for Class and Bar Prep
  • Law Review/Journal Resources
  • Career Related Resources
  • Legal News
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