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Study Aids: Home

This guide will provide information on the different study aids available to FSU law school students.

The Research Center

List of A-Z Databases

This is a list of all the databases offered by the law school. It includes free public access sites and password-required sites.

Research Guides

Research guides are a great place for information on a specific topic. They are put together by the Research Center librarians and contain links to relevant resources.

Research Center Canvas Page

The Research Center Canvas page contains professors' past exams. It also has different workshop videos on how to research specific topics. Over the course of the academic year, students can watch the workshop videos and are eligible for the Research Certificate Program upon completion of certain criteria.


Check your syllabus or ask your professor to see if they have a preferred study aid. If they do not, this guide will cover different types of study aids, providing tutorials and what materials are available in them. FSU provides access to the databases covered in this guide to FSU students. Contact the Research Center for more information.

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The What and When of Study Aids

How to Use Study Aids in Law School

This article by the ABA discusses the benefits and dangers of using study aids and how to use them effectively.

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