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Fake News and Finding Reliable Sources: Fact Checking

This guide covers how to recognize fake news and find reliable news sources. #Fake News

Fact Checkers

The Internet has a wealth of information but it can also be used to spread false information.  Try some of these fact checkers to double check information you find on the Internet.   

Types of misleading sites

  • Hoax sites
    • Tend to be totally fake
  • Satire or Humorous sites
    • The Onion is an example
  • Hyperpartisan sites
    • Can be be biased, only show one side of the issue
  • Hybrid sites
    • Mix real news with fake, can be misleading
  • Lies via statistics
    • Look for 'apple to oranges' comparisons, for example
  • Marketing and advertising
    • They might not be balanced


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