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Human Rights Legal Research Guide: Country Reports

Reports by Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)

National Human Rights Institutions

A National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) is a body established by a national government under the constitution, or by law or decree, and functions to promote and protect human rights in that country. NHRI assist nations in compiling human rights reports that are used by treaty and other UN bodies.

Reports by Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)

To support the work of intergovernmental institutions, many nongovernmental organizations prepare country reports which document the human rights situation in a particular country or region of the world. Below are a number of good sources for country reports.
This is unique collection is produced by over 355 non-governmental human rights organization throughout the world.
These directories are useful tools in locating human rights non-government organizations worldwide.
If you are looking for specific information written by any human rights organization, use these search engines that will search many organizations simultaneously.

Reports Produced by the United States

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