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Bioethics: Finding a Topic

Finding a Paper Topic

Step 1:  Skim the Table of contents and indexes of reference books on bioethics.   This will give you an overview of what topics might fall within the realm of bioethics.

Step 2:  Look at Websites of organizations involved in bioethics issues. Try to get a feel for what topics are hot right now.

Step 3:  Skim some Bioethics blogs. Once again, try to get a feel for what topics are hot right now

Step 4:  Jot down some topics.  Look at what has been published in Recent journal articles.  If someone already wrote your exact paper, then change your topic and try again. Eliminate any topics which have been done to death.  But make sure you can find enough material to write the paper using research and not just your imagination.

Understand what is bioethics?


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