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The Digital Scarlet Letter

"The Internet is bringing back the scarlet letter in digital form -- an indelible record of people's misdeeds... We must protect privacy to ensure that the freedom of the Internet doesn't make us less free... What makes the issues so complex is that there are important values on both sides.  Protecting people's privacy sometimes can be achived only by curtailing free speech...(but) both are essential to our freedom."  (Solove, The Future of Reputation, p.11-12)

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Why Privacy Law?

Chances are you remember reading about the young South Korean girl riding on the subway with her little dog.  The dog did what dogs do, and things got ugly when she refused to clean up after him.  Indignant fellow passengers posted pictures of the "incident" on a popular South Korean blog, and the girl was soon identified, parodied and ridiculed in media around the world.  And hasn't everyone heard horror stories of pictures and descriptions of long-ago youthful indiscretions surfacing via a Google search when the transgressor applies for a job or professional license?

Today anyone can post anything about themselves or others, good or bad, true or untrue via blogs, e-mail, social networking Websites, and photo and video sharing Websites that invite any and all submissions.  Where does my need to express myself end, and your right to privacy begin?

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This is the single best source for information on Privacy Law!  Here's where you can find the essential publications "Privacy Law Watch" and "Privacy & Security Law Report" as well as the latest information on online, consumer, financial. health, & workplace security, in addition to tracking government action and global data. 

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