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Constitutional Law: Books

This guide is designed to be used by students engaged in researching federal constitutional law issues.


This page contains books on constitutional law generally and specific topics.  

General works are categorized as Introductory or Treatises.  Use the former for a broad overview; use the latter for more in-depth discussions.  

Topics include: Comparative Constitutional Law, First Amendment Individual Rights, Reputation and Privacy, Search and Seizure, State Constitutional Law, and Taxation.

The Research Center also contains books from the Series Reference Guides to the U.S. Constitution on the topics of Constitutional Remedies, Limits on States; Power to Legislate; Powers Reserved for the People and the States; Privileges and Immunities Law; Procedural Due Process; Prohibited Government Acts; Right to the Assistance of Counsel; and State Sovereign Immunity.


Introductory Materials

Supreme Court


Reference Guides to the U.S. Constitution Series

This series, Reference Guides to the United States Constitution, published by ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Press, began publication in 2002. The Research Center owns some of the series in paper (call number) and has electronic access to others (hyperlink).

Constitutional Remedies

Double Jeopardy

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the Press

Full Faith and Credit Clause

Limits on States

Power to Legislate (Law: KF4940.L48 2006)

Powers Reserved for the People and the States: a History of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments (Law: KF4557.M33 2006)

Privileges and Immunities (Law: KF4605.B64 2003)

Procedural Due Process

Prohibited Government Acts

Religion Guarantees

Right to a Speedy and Public Trial

Right to the Assistance of Counsel

Searches, Seizures, and Warrants (Law: KF9630.B58 2003)

State Sovereign Immunity

Supremacy Clause

Taxing Power 

Topic: Comparative Constitutional Law

Topic: First Amendment

Topic: Individual Rights

Topic: Reputation and Privacy

Topic: Search and Seizure

Topic: State Constitutional Law

Topic: Taxation

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