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International Tax Law Research: Databases

In-depth Reading

Once you have read some broad-brush materials on your topic, it will be time to dive into more detailed issue-specific materials. You will find such in-depth materials in databases, journals, and subject-specific treatises. Today, most of these materials will be online, although the library for your school or employer may retain some in paper format.



International Tax Library (U.S. tax treaties, Internal Revenue Code, federal tax regulations, IRS materials, federal tax cases)

RIA International Taxation (International Taxes Weekly Newsletter, tax treaties, This Week with Cym Lowell)

WG&L International Tax Treatises (click link for specific titles)

International Tax News (Articles from newspapers, magazines, journals and wires containing news about non-U.S. taxation)

International Tax Review (covers recent developments in cross-border taxation)

Tilton, U.S. International Tax Forms Manual (WG&L)

Nelson, International Income Tax and Estate Planning (U.S. tax laws and their application to individual and business transactions and events which cross international boundaries, including: Jurisdiction and conflict of laws, Taxation of US persons in foreign jurisdictions, Taxation of non-US persons, Tax treaties, Trusts, partnerships and corporations, Dispositions of assets in estate planning, Probate and administration)

Treaty Primer

Model Treaties 

Treaty Comparison Tool

Multilateral Instrument Tool


Rhoades & Langer U.S. International Taxation & Tax Treaties is a respected text on all aspects of U.S. taxation of Americans doing business abroad and foreigners investing in the U.S.

CCH International Tax Journal


Wolters Kluwer Cheetah

Philip F. Postlewaite & Mitchell B. Weiss, International Taxation: Corporation and Individual, 10th ed.

R.J. Misey & M.S. Schadewald, Practical Guide to U.S. Taxation of International Transactions

CCH Global Tax Briefing

International Tax News (U.S. Only)

Selected U.S. Tax Treaty Documents


Bloomberg Law

International Tax Treaties

U.S. Tax Treaties

Foreign Income Portfolios

Daily Tax - International

International Tax Developments Tracker

Tax Management International Journal


Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

International Tax Library

NOTE: These databases are available only to FSU Law students and faculty. 

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