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The College of Law Research Center's Selected Scholarly Journals includes the scanned table of contents of journals not usually found through other online search tools.

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SmartCILP is the weekly e-mail version of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals.   To sign up, go to or click on  Create or change a SmartCILP profile.  CILP requires the Florida State College of Law authorization code. You can contact a librarian for that code.   

To setup an electronic table of contents for Heinonline journal titles, register for a Heinonline account , search the title or titles that you would like to receive the table of contents, choose titles and click Create eTOC Alert.  


Table of Contents - Services

Current Index to Legal Periodicals - Heinonline
CILP covers the table of contents of 650 legal publications.

JournalTOCs is a current awareness service covering the table of contents of many scholarly law journals.

SSJ Listed by Part - 2016

SSJ Listed by Part - 2015

SSJ Listed by Part - 2014

SSJ Listed by Part - 2013

SSJ Listed by Part - 2012

SSJ Listed by Part - 2011

SSJ Listed by Part - 2010

SSJ Listed by Part - 2009

SSJ Listed by Part - 2008

Using Adobe Acrobat

Each PDF has an index (Acrobat calls them Bookmarks) to each of the journal titles covered in that part. Using Adobe Acrobat, click on the little scroll by the red arrow, shown below, to open the bookmarks.  Also in Acrobat a keyword search can be done in each file by pressing crtl + f and entering a search.

SSJ List of Journals

American Economic Journal. Applied Economics
American Economic Journal. Macroeconomics
American Economic Journal. Microeconomics
American Economic Journal. Economic Policy
American Economic Review
American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry
American Journal of International Law
American Law and Economic Review
Annals of Air and Space Law
Caribbean Law Review
Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa
Comparative Law
Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business
Consumer Finance Law Quarterly Report
Crime and Justice: A Review of Research
Current Legal Problems
Defense Law Journal
East Africa Journal of Peace & Human Rights
Endangered Species & Wetlands Report
Environmental Ethics
Environmental Forum
European Human Rights Law Review
Hague Yearbook of International Law
Israel Yearbook on Human Rights
Journal of Bankruptcy Law and Practice
Journal of Economic Literature
Journal of Economic Perspectives
Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law
Journal of Hate Studies
Journal of International Affairs
Journal of Law and Social Change (JRNL H975)
Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics
Journal of Legal Studies in Business
Journal of Philosophy
Journal of Planning and Environmental Law

Law and Justice
Law and Philosophy
Law/Technology World Peace Through Law Center
Legal Ethics
Legal Theory
Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law
National Tax Journal
New York International Law Review
News Media and the Law
Philosophy and Public Affairs
Restitution Law Review
Review Belge De Droit International
Studies in Law, Politics and Society [K 376 S78]
Tax Policy and the Economy
Uniform Commercial Code Law Journal
University of Pennsylvania Journal of Labor and Employment Law
Water Law Review
West Indian Law Journal
Yearbook of Human Rights & Internet
Yearbook of the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Commission and European Court

SSJ Cumulative Index by Year




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OneSearch is a discovery tool that searches across the majority of our books, journals, articles, and more. It can also be used to search for material outside of our collections! It’s a great starting point for your research, and can be used to drill down to very specific resources.


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