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Internet Security and Personal Security Risks: Books & Terms

This research guide covers Internet security topics, including: eDiscovery, cyberspace, cloud computing and more. #internetsecurity #phishing

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Understanding Terms
  • Browser Hijacking
    • May replace the existing homepage or search page with an undesired alternative.
  • Malware
    • Hostile or intrusive software, installed surreptitiously, that may disrupt computer operation. 
  • Phishing 
    • The activity of defrauding internet users by posing as a legitimate enterprise to gain access to secure information.
  • Ransomware 
    • Is a malicious software which is designed to block access to a user's or firm's computer data until a ransom is paid. 
  • Spam
    • Usually irrelevant or unwanted Email messages sent in bulk 
  • Spyware
    • Similar to malware, allows for the surreptitious gathering of information 
  • Virus
    • A program that when executed may replicate itself and insert itself into other programs, data files and boot sector.  The virus may damage the users content and also spread to other computers via a network or by exchanging files. 

Norton Internet security company has an excellent Internet Security Glossary.


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