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Myers-Briggs and Law Careers: Book Carousel

The Myers-Briggs is an evaluative tool, it helps provide insight on how we perceive, relate to the world and communicate with others. #myersbriggs

Book Carousel

The Type Theory of Law

This volume presents a Type Theory of Law (TTL), claiming that this is a unique theory of law that stems from the philosophical understanding of Jung s psychological types applied to the phenomenon of law. Furthermore, the TTL claims to be a universal, general and descriptive account of law. To prove that, the book first presents the fundamentals of Jungian psychological types, as they had been invented by Jung and consequently developed further by his followers. The next part of the book describes how the typological structure of an individual determines their understanding of law. It then addresses the way in which inclusive legal theory can be understood based on this typology. Finally, the book describes the TTL in general and descriptive terms and puts it into context. All in all, the book shows how the integral or inclusive approach to understanding the nature of law is not only in tune with our time, but also relevant for presenting a more persuasive picture of law than the older exclusivist or dualist approaches of strict natural law and rigid legal positivism did."

Understanding Team Roles

This booklet describes eight Team Roles that are uniquely useful for helping people work together. These roles describe key contributions that make teams successful. Its foundation in Psychological Type theory provides a powerful way for a team to explore what they are doing, what they should be doing and why they can become less effective. Three questionnaires are used to facilitate learning.

Introduction to type : a guide to understanding your results on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Help clients integrate type concepts into their lives with this popular guide Use this helpful booklet during an introductory feedback session and for further exploration following the session. This edition offers refined descriptions of the 16 types reflecting current research. It also offers an in-depth exploration of the eight preferences and materials on type dynamics. It provides the essential information for understanding MBTI® results.

Looking at Type and Learning Styles

Written for both students and teachers, this book helps people discover learning preferences and decide which tools and techniques will give the best results. Examines strengths, key motivations, and blind spots as they relate to learning or teaching. Included are guidelines to assist teachers with practical ways to provide for students' learning differences.

Gifts Differing

With over twenty-five years in print and more than two hundred and fifty thousand copies sold,Gifts Differing has helped to define our understanding of personality. Written by the creators of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, this book explains the essential personality types and their practical significance in your daily life; in school, at a job, in a career, or in your personal relationships.

Please Understand Me

A 40 year clinical study of differences in temperament and character in mating, parneting, teaching and leading. Defines four types: Dionysians (SP), Epimethians (SJ), Prometheans (NT) and Apollonians (NF). Keirsey Temperament Sorter included.

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