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1L Survival Guide: Torts

Resources and information from the Research Center to help you succeed at Florida State University College of Law

CALI Lessons

CALI Lessons are interactive, computer-based lessons, written by law faculty and librarians.

List of Torts Lessons

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Study Aids Available at the Research Center

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Hornbook - the most in-depth and scholarly type of study aid, with an detailed discussion on an area of law.
Nutshell - more condensed than a hornbook, usually a summary of an area of law.


Online Study Materials for Law Students

Torts Lessons

As a Florida State University law student, the Research Center has provided you with FREE access to Quimbee's tutorials, lessons, and large bank of practice questions. Quimbee also features a tool to help you create and store outlines.

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Resources keyed to these textbooks:

Tort Law and Alternatives, Franklin 9th
(Bayern, Ziegler)

Tort Law, Goldberg 3rd

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