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Japanese Legal Research: How to Use UBorrow

This guide is intended to assist researchers in locating primary and secondary sources of law from Japan.

Research for Journal Students: Catalog Searching and Requesting Items from other Libraries: WHEN TO USE UBORROW

What is UBORROW?

The  service permits current FSU students and faculty to request PRINTED materials directly from participating libraries within Florida’s state university and college systems.

We recommend you choose to have materials delivered to the Research Center so that you can check them out at the Circulation Desk just as you would an FSU library item.

PLEASE REMEMBER: you cannot get E-books and other electronic items through the service.


Requesting Items From UBorrow

PLEASE NOTE: if items are available in an FSU library, UBorrow will not allow you to request them.


You can search the UBorrow catalog in its entirety here, but the most direct way to utilize the service is to:

* Click on the icon at the top right of your search results screen:


* You will go to the UBorrow catalog entry for that item:

* Make sure you are logged in to your FSU Libraries Account.  Then, click on the UBorrow icon in the catalog entry. You'll go to a page that shows you as being logged in and allows you to choose a location to which the item will be delivered:

* If you choose "Law Library," you can ask for the item at the Circulation Desk after it is routed to the Research Center from FSU's main library.

* Then click on the "Place Request" button.

* You will get an e-mail notifying you that your request has been submitted. 

*  PLEASE NOTE: you will NOT BE NOTIFIED if a request cannot be filled.

*  The only other e-mail you will receive will be when the item has arrived at the main FSU library.  Please allow another 24 hours for the item to reach the Research Center, then ask for the item at the Circulation Desk and check it out as you would normally.

UBORROW Loan Period

*  The initial loan period is 45 days from the day the item arrives on the FSU campus (not from the day you pick it up at the law library). 

*  You WILL NOT be reminded of upcoming due dates or notified that an item is overdue.  It is your responsibility to request renewal before a due date and to return items before they are overdue.

Renewal of UBORROW Items

* You may request a single renewal period of 30 days by logging in to your FSU account, clicking on the my account button, and then clicking the request renewal button next to the UBorrow the item(s) you wish to renew.

* The lending library has the sole discretion to grant or deny your request, so plan accordingly.

Returning UBORROW Items

* Return UBorrow Items to the Circulation Desk at the Research Center and make sure they are checked in.  We'll take care of the rest!

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