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Florida Appellate Practice: Circuit Courts

This guides provides resources on Florida Appellate Practice. #floridasupremecourt

Circuit Courts

Article V, §1 of the Florida Constitution requires the Florida legislature to establish judicial circuits and appellate districts throughout the state. According to the constitutional mandate, the legislature has divided the state into twenty judicial circuits and five appellate districts. Each appellate district consists of a group of contiguous judicial circuits which are subject to the jurisdiction of a single district court of appeal. 
Philip J. 
PadovanoFlorida Appellate Practice, v. 2,  §4:2 (2015 Edition)

Florida Circuit Courts

Florida Statutes

Jurisdiction of Courts Rule 9.030

Florida Rules Of Appellate Procedure

(c) Jurisdiction of Circuit Courts.

(1) Appeal Jurisdiction. The circuit courts shall review, by appeal

(A) final orders of lower tribunals as provided by general law;1. 2

(B) non-final orders of lower tribunals as provided by general law;

(C) administrative action if provided by general law.

(2) Certiorari Jurisdiction.8 The certiorari jurisdiction of circuit courts may be sought to review non-final orders of lower tribunals other than as prescribed by rule 9.130.

(3) Original Jurisdiction.8 Circuit courts may issue writs of mandamus, prohibition, quo warranto, common law certiorari, and habeas corpus, and all writs necessary to the complete exercise of the courts’ jurisdiction. 

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