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Data Resources and Statistics for Legal Research: Data Visualization

This guide includes links to online sources for gathering data focusing in particular on government datasets. #governmentdata #statistics #datavisualizations #legalresearch
TED ED - The beauty of data visualization - David McCandless

Snake Oil Supplements

Snake Oil Supplements?

An excellent example of a dynamic visualization from Information is Beautiful by David McCandless.  Click the image above for more information. 

Use of Data Visualization in Government

Data Visualizations in Government​
The report presents case studies on how visualization techniques are now being used by two local governments, one state government,and three federal government agencies. Each case study discusses the audience for visualization. Understanding audience is important, as government organizations provide useful visualizations to different audiences, including the media, political oversight organizations, constituents, and internal program teams. To assist in effectively communicating to these audiences, the report details attributes of meaningful visualizations: relevance, meaning, beauty, ease of use, legibility, truthfulness, accuracy, and consistency among them.



Tableau provides software from which uses can produce highly detailed and interactive visualizations. 

Tableau Software

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