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This guide will help students enrolled in Estate Planning, Gratuitous Transfers, Estate & Gift Tax, Topics in Florida Practice, and Introduction to Legal Research (JM) find estate planning, gratuitous transfers, and trust law resources.


Depending on your question, your level of expertise, and your budget, you may want to start with a legal encyclopedia or the American Law Reports.  Other starting points include treatises, articles, forms, current awareness, continuing legal education materials, and blogs. Specialized databases may contain many of these types of materials.

Estate Planning is tax driven.  State and federal tax laws and regulations will impact all estate planning decisions, so this guide includes tax resources as well as estates, gifts and trusts resources.


Using this Guide

Each box that describes a website will have a clickable link to the website or to a particular part of the website.

If the website requires an ID and password, you will first be taken to the login screen, and then to the material on the website.

American Law Reports



ALR contains short articles, with citations to statutes, regulations and cases, referred to as "Annotations."  

Useful Topics include:

Legal Encyclopedias

American Jurisprudence.  References to cases, Uniform Trust Code, Restatements.



Corpus Juris Secundum (CJS). References to cases, Uniform Trust Code, Restatements.  Cases organized by state under footnotes.



Florida Jur 2d.  References to Florida statutes, constitutional provisions, regulations, and cases.  Useful if the topic being searched has been addressed in one of those sources.  If your search finds nothing, check AmJur and CJS for common law coverage elsewhere.


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