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Estates, Gifts and Trusts: Law Reviews and Journals

This guide will help students enrolled in Estate Planning, Gratuitous Transfers, Estate & Gift Tax, Topics in Florida Practice, and Introduction to Legal Research (JM) find estate planning, gratuitous transfers, and trust law resources.


Although current law review and journal articles are very important in an area affected so much by tax, many of the state law concepts date back centuries.  An estate/trust issue may be covered in depth by an article not available in Westlaw or Lexis, which provide coverage only from the early 1980s.  Earlier articles can be found in journals on HeinOnline or JSTOR.  Very current articles may be found in draft form on SSRN. Some journals are available on multiple vendor platforms, although not all years will be available on a particular vendor's platform. Use all of these sources to make sure you are getting access to everything available.



Bloomberg Law


HeinOnline has several older E&T specific journals.  The entire journal collection on HeinOnline is useful in E&T research because so much of the common law rules, even those codified in state statutes, have survived intact or with little change for many years.

Estates and Trusts Journal (1988-1997)

Estates and Trusts Quarterly (1973-1988)

Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal (1973-2010)

Trusts & Estates (1904-1963) (1964-1986 only in paper, FSU Strozier: 330.5T873).  Check Online Journals for recent coverage.


ACTEC is an organization of trust and estate lawyers, founded in 1949.  Membership is by selection by the organization.  ACTC publishes ACTEC Law Journal, available via Westlaw, Lexis and HeinOnline, as well as other publications.

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