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Estates, Gifts and Trusts: Current Awareness

This guide will help students enrolled in Estate Planning, Gratuitous Transfers, Estate & Gift Tax, Topics in Florida Practice, and Introduction to Legal Research (JM) find estate planning, gratuitous transfers, and trust law resources.


Although state law governing the creation of wills and trusts may not change often, the state and federal tax laws that guide practitioners in deciding how to create estate planning documents change frequently. You must keep up with tax laws, regulations and cases in order to protect your client's estate. There are specialty vendors of estate planning, gift, and trust law current awareness materials.  Bar Associations are also good sources of such materials, and provide networking opportunities, too.


Estate Planning, Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning, Business Entities, Asset Protection Planning, Financial Planning and Charitable Planning Newsletters. LawThreads® (online discussions), Actual Text (agency materials, cases), state and federal laws, blogs, podcases, and search tools. $28/mo. (as of 9-4-14).




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