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Law & Economics Research Guide: Intro

This research guide is about law and economics, covering: treatises, journals, current awareness, databases and statistics software.

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What is Law and Economics?

Statue of Liberty"The economic analysis of law involves three distinct but related enterprises. The first is the use of economics to predict the effects of legal rules. The second is the use of economics to determine what legal rules are economically efficient, in order to recommend what the legal rules ought to be. The third is the use of economics to predict what the legal rules will be. Of these, the first is primarily an application of price theory, the second of welfare economics, and the third of public choice."

From The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, First Edition, 1987

About the Law and Economics Research Guide

This guide focuses mainly on the specific sources of information that inform the study of law and economics. Where it is helpful, specific sources in economics and in law have been included.

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