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Space Law Research Guide: Journals and Journal Articles

This guide is intended to help law students who are researching international space law issues through the identification of primary and secondary sources of law.

Locating Articles within Journals

To locate titles within the following databases or journals, use common search terms such as:

  • space law
  • space debris
  • liability for space vehicle accidents
  • outer space
  • government liability (international law)

Databases Containing Space Law Journals

Electronic Journals

Air & Space Law
Air & Space Lawyer, Westlaw, 1988 to present
Air and Space Power Journals
Air Force Law Review
Annals of Air and Space Law, Vol. 1, 1976 to present. 
German Journal of Air and Space Law, HeinOnline, 1952-2008
Journal of Air Law & Commerce, LexisNexis
Journal of Space Law,  HeinOnline, 1973 to 2008
SP Aviation, Westlaw
Survey of Space Law, HeinOnline, 1959


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