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Commonwealth Caribbean Law Research Guide: Turks & Caicos Islands

This guide provides an overview of the primary and secondary legal sources of the Commonwealth Caribbean available at Florida State University College of Law Research Center.

Turks & Caicos

As a British Overseas Territory in the Lucayan Archipelago, Turks and Caicos has been lead by an appointed governor since gaining independence in 1973. The islands underwent a political upheaval in 2009 when the British government imposed direct rule over the territory following an investigation of corruption in the Turks and Caicos government. Some home rule was restored with a new election and new constitution on October 15, 2012. The new constitution vests legislative power in the unicameral House of Assembly. Judges for the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, appointed by the Governor, use English Common Law, with the Privy Council in London serving as the final court of appeal.



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